How Faking It Till Youre Making It and Being Your True Self Are Actually The Same Thing.

Your Fake Is Showing

Now, I know what  you’re thinking. How could me being fake and pretending to be something I am not, and my being myself be the same thing? This is another Click Bait article..where is that back button. Hold your mouses. The problem is not the faking, the problem is you’ve been faking wrong.

When I tell you to fake it till you make it, you probably imagine yourself to become all cool like James Bond and have the style of Tom Cruise (or whoever the cool kid is these days). You try to fake being into David Guetta and wild raves at 3 am  when really you just love  some Enya with a glass of wine in a bubble bath at night.  You imagine becoming someone you are not to get a desired goal..hence why you can never be yourself. And not only can people sense this but even if you succeed you won’t be fully happy.

The Right Way To Be Fake

So this begs the question, how can I be myself and also get what I want from life? Simple. You just fake being your dream self. Meaning that, instead of faking to be someone else, why not fake being the person you really want to become?  That new you. That person who you dream of magically turning into someday. Why not just fake being that until you make it? The best part is you already have a general idea of who that person is you just need to take the time to flesh it out and become like that slowly. This person will still be you, just a better version. No one else could create a person like that but you. That vision and person is truly original and yours to become because its you. Think of it like that Windows update you’ve been telling your computer to “remind you tomorrow” about for the last 3 years. After the update, yes a few things might be different and look different, but the operating system will still be Windows won’t it? You won’t randomly end up with a Mac or Linux. That is the idea behind faking it till you make it. You just pretend to have those updates until you actually have them.

How To Build A Better You Using Paper.

To become that person, you need to literally..become that person. Meaning that you need to flesh out every detail. What’s the personality like? How would I think about taxes? How would I feel about rubber ducks? Write all and create the mindset and views of the better you. Not just what he/she has that you dont, but also HOW they got there. What is the everyday routine? Habits? Everything. Write it all down and then start acting like that and doing those things yourself. Take personality tests and answer as that person would. I would heavily recommend the Carl Jung personalities because they tell you your strengths but more importantly your weaknesses. It is so easy to get overwhelmed because that dream self seems perfect. But reading about the potential cons makes the person seem more easy to be.  Spend as much time and paper as you want doing this. Then read the whole thing to yourself everyday until you can recite it word for word and literally think like this person passively..then read it some more. Think of yourself as one of those method actors. You know, like the ones who pretend they ARE that person they are acting out in a movie? Be as thorough as Heath Ledger (RIP) the guy who played Joker. Hopefully your dream self isn’t insane or this could really backfire.

So, in the end I hope this helps you become a better more fulfilled person. This takes time, and more importantly action but it works and can be maintained in the long run.