Brian Tracy Self Discipline – No Excuses Book Summary

Brian Tracy No Excuses Book Summary

I am writing this No Excuses book summary because No Excuses is just one of those books that comes about ever so often that makes you love and hate it. You love it because you know you needed to hear this. You hate it because now you have no excuses to hide behind. I wanted to talk about my main takeaways / thoughts from this book because some of y’all really need a reality check. This will probably sounds like a mini rant  because I am so sick of hearing those excuses. If you like what you hear, this is only a fraction of the good stuff. Feel free to buy the book to support Tracey and learn more.

The Richest And Most Successful Place In The Universe.

There is a place in this universe where people are happy. They make their dreams come true by taking action. The people of this place run everyday, do amazing at work, and charm the hell out of every good looking man or woman they see. You see, this is the place called Someday Isle. You have probably been there, in fact you probably visit there quite often. This is that same place you send your dreams like parents send their kids to school. Proud, feeling good, but also somewhat relived because they don’t have to deal with them for now. It’s so easy isn’t it? To tell yourself that you’ll somehow gain that motivation tomorrow to start that diet, or that new business. That somehow you will magically become that disciplined machine tomorrow. So today you should take it easy. It is a big day tomorrow after all. Stop lying to yourself. You say you are going to be this amazingly successful person but what have you done to show for it? Everyone wants to be a beast until its time to do what beasts do. Start now cause if you dont..

You Lose The Battle Within.

Imagine yourself 10 years from now. Then 20, 30, years from now…then right before the moment you die. I am not kidding. Close your damn eyes and go to that moment on your death bed and look back. Are you happy with what you see? Are you satisfied with who you are and how you ended up? That moment is exactly where you are headed if you don’t change now. The misery now, will be there in 10 – 20 – 30 years. Why? Because you are losing your battles everyday. Everyday you give in to temptation, to that cake, to that scandalous episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you lose that battle. You need to remember whats important and focus on that. Your dreams are not hard to reach if you think about it. All you need is a consistent record of small victories every day in the right direction and you are there. How the hell do you think you are going to one day be able to run a marathon when you can’t even handle jogging 15 minutes a day? You may not see the consequences immediately but there is a price being paid every time you say “maybe tomorrow”. Your goals need to be aligned so that the short term feeds into the long term. But in order to even get there you need to..

Have Your Why

Believe it or not, your life at this moment is an amalgamation of all your previous habits and choices. Your choices and habits defined your life. Your brain is lazy and will resist any sort of change to this routine. Don’t be mad, its wired this way to stop you from doing anything stupid. So you need to have a “why” so strong that it over rides this initial resistance. Where your motivation is so strong you don’t mind putting in that extra hour at work, or that extra set in the gym. Until you have that why you will always fall victim to your habits. So stop trying to go for things that other people tell you you should have. That million dollar mansion, that six pack, that ridiculous skill with the yo-yo. If you are trying to get all this for others? It will be hell of a lot harder to reach and then maintain that goal. Plus you won’t be happy. So take stock of your dreams. How many of those dreams are actually what YOU want?

Your Brain Is Dirt

And your thoughts are seeds. So when you tell yourself all this crap of I will start tomorrow or I can’t do that anymore. Your brain starts to grow weeds. When you promise yourself you will run everyday and when the time comes and you don’t? Your brain kills that seed and plants the thought of “I always fail in my goals. I cannot be trusted.” instead. And every time you do break your promises to yourself that plant grows stronger. So what is the solution? Do what you said you are going to do. Be in complete integrity with yourself and what you tell yourself. How do you think someone would feel about you if you constantly told them you would take their shift at work and took a nap instead?

This is the law of Sowing And Reaping. In Tracy’s words:

“This law says that whatever you put in, you get out. It also says that whatever you are reaping today is a result of what you have sown in the past. So if you are not happy with your current ‘crop,’ it is up to you, starting today, to plant a new crop, to begin doing more of those things that lead to success—and to stop engaging in those activities that lead nowhere.”

Whatever You Choose To Sow…

In the end it is YOUR fault. Stop blaming your mom for not making you smarter or that squirrel for judging you when you run. Whatever your life is right now, regardless of how much at fault someone else is, take full responsibility of it. That guy you look up too? You know that guy who is a millionaire with a six pack and a charm that would make Bradd Pitt jealous etc? His choices led him there. SURE genetics and luck played a part. But that guy has probably worked harder in a day than you have all your life. Now before you excuse yourself by saying you do work a lot. Have you worked hard consistently towards your dreams? Or did you work hard for a bit and then succumbed to failure when things got hard? The difference between that guy and you is that he choose to take chances where you didn’t. He choose to master his skills where you chose to watch TV. He didn’t let major set backs bring him down where you threw in the towel. So why in the world do you think you deserve his life?


In conclusion, I will only say one thing. Forgive yourself. Whatever you did (or didn’t) in the past is done. Do not blame others but also do not blame yourself. Blaming keeps you stuck. You can start today. Set small goals and win your battles consistently. You can still turn this thing around. I hope you enjoyed my No excuses book summary..turned rant towards the end. I just discussed a sliver of the amazing knowledge this book has.  I highly recommend this book if you are serious about change because it gives you a fair guideline on how to start.

Heres to your victory and the death of Someday Isle!