Want To Succeed In Anything? Stop Lying To Yourself – Discipline And Integrity 101

Is This Sparta?

The Spartan Army gained a lot of recognition in recent times thanks to the movie 300. The same movie that made nearly every guy without a six pack feel insecure. The Spartans were known for their discipline and strength. From childbirth they were taught pain…assuming they were even deemed strong enough to live. If they were told to do something? No matter how crazy they did it or they were beaten badly. They were often forced to endure harsh conditions and lived lives so simple every minimalist would be envious. The idea behind all this was to create a clone army of unstoppable warriors. No individual desires or identities for the most part. Just warriors. (Aou! Aou!) Now, I am not telling you to go out in the wild wearing only Fruit Of The Looms underwear to hunt a wolf with your barehands. I’m pretty sure thats illegal now. But there is a lot of stuff to be learned from these legendary war machines. The most important thing is self discipline.

Self discipline according to David Deida in his book, The Way of The Superior Man, is defined as: “When your highest desires rule your lesser desires.” The only way you can do this is to have a strong reason to go through with it. For Spartans? It was the survival of Sparta. For people in an ordinary modern world? It can be and should be what THEY want. I talked more about finding out what you really want in my post: You Are Not Special – The Truth About Life And Becoming Great. Basically, the point is, the only fulfilling way you will be able to overpower your lazy self is having a need (not want) to achieve that dream. I am talking borderline obsessive levels  of need and beyond. You can try and achieve those six packs and million dollars because other people think its cool and you might succeed but I can guarantee you, you won’t be happy nor will they last long. But know that reason and no action makes you a dreamer not a self disciplined machine. Reason is just one of the founding pillars.

A = R + MS;  D = A + I;    S = T + D.

Lets get arithmetical shall we? These are the 3 formulas you need to get to your goals. And yes one of them spells STD ha ha laugh it out it’s soooooo funny. (Sarcasm). I will type them out and then go on to explain everything.

  1. Action = Reason + Mindset
  2. Discipline = Action + Integrity + Persistence
  3. Success = Time + Discipline

So as I said above reason alone will not get you there. To get into action you need a strong reason and a positive, firm mindset that knows how to plan and learn from mistakes.

Now that you have action down you need to add that with integrity and persistence to get discipline. This is where a lot of the problems happen. Formula 2. This is why the whole gyms are packed after New Year’s and empty by spring break joke is actually true. People will go and get a gym membership and buy those fancy sweat bands and go all out at the gym all motivated listening to Eye of the Tiger. The first week they are killing it, the second week they for get a day or so but so what? The third week they didn’t go for 3 days in a row annnd bam!… by week 4 all those new year resolutions are forgotten. You need to have discipline to get through your goals.

Along with discipline you need patience AKA time. Understand that it can very well take some of you 10 years to get your goals. And that’s okay. When you are okay with waiting forever and still grinding then only will you have any real chance at succeeding. That is why the hare got beaten by the tortoise. (spoiler alert?)

One of the things I have noticed a lot is most people get screwed at integrity. But what is integrity anyway? Integrity is when you…

Do What You Freaking Said You Will Do. Period.

Period. End of Story. No excuses, No BS. What do you think happens when you blatantly lie to someone over and over again? Do you think they will trust you? Yea only if they are idiots. So then what happens when you lie to yourself? Say for example you tell yourself you will walk outside everyday. What happens when one day you have a choice between going for a walk and watching a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? I will guarantee you most people would choose watching Kimmy and the gang. And when they do.. how do you think they feel about themselves? They might feel okay for a bit. They might give themselves a 100 reasons and buy their own crap but deep down they feel terrible because they can’t trust themselves.

You wanna succeed? Get back your power. How do you get your power? Learn to trust yourself fully. What makes you think you can handle saving the world or earning 65 gajillion dollars or whatever when you can’t even handle a simple walk outside everyday? You see we as humans are programmed to take pleasure over pain. The now over the later. The cake over the salad. But, I am going to tell you something you already know. Fortunately or unfortunately, everything worthwhile in life, requires pain. That is why it is so vital to go for goals you actually want and not chasing after some crap Dj Khaled has so you gotta have it.

Integrity Is Like A Pet Dinosaur

Imagine having a tiny dinosaur pet. Just hatched. You start by feeding a little everyday. Overtime that little dinosaur will grow up to be a large dinosaur who will eat your enemies and hopefully not you. You nourished it and gave it space to grow. You didn’t expect it to suddenly let you ride it into battle when it was born did you? The key to developing integrity is to start small. You are reversing years of damage. Be very careful of what you promise yourself and others because if you say you will do it…guess what? You gotta do it. No matter how inconvenient or if you changed your mind. Sucks for you. Do it. Simply watch your words. No one is telling you to blab about how you will do this and that. Just don’t say anything. Start small and let your trust in yourself grow. For example, let’s go with weight loss since the gym is what we started talking about. If you wanna lose 30 pounds by the end of the year don’t go around telling yourself and people you will do cross fit 9 days of the week and live off 200 calories. Instead, keep it to yourself, get informed, get a organization to-do list style app, be positive, be patient and start with something like I will eat one less Big Mac a week and park farther away from the store. Then when you have trust in yourself add more and more to it.  You will slowly and surely turn into a dinosaur of unstoppable power. Rawr.


That’s all i got for ya but this should be more than enough to get you there. Just remember that if one man can do something? Another man can do it too(within reason). If it’s been done it can be done again and that should inspire you to chase those goals you want either the ones humans have achieved or have not. Take it easy.

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