5 Things Video Games Have Taught Me About Life

You Can Either Be A Hero, A Villain, Or Nobody

Life is an interesting video game if you think about it. As the joke goes, the graphics are top of the line, but the story sucks and there is no way to come back if you die. Though that is true, it is actually what we make of these moments that make us into something or nothing. If you think about any game story there is always a hero, a villain, and random people you interact with who are generally as exciting as watching paint dry. The reason why the hero and even the villain to some extent is so impressive is because they are fighting for what they believe in. They are actually fighting the monsters and not just sitting around complaining about taking arrows to their knees like some guard. This translate very well to the real world in the phenomenon of the nice guy (gal). The nice guy/gal is very bland. Too nice. Never really chasing a purpose or opinionated or unique in any way. (I am going to refer to the nice guy/ gal in “he” format just to not confuse people). He will sacrifice, bend, and even disown things about himself just to get people to like him. This is usually amplified with attractive members of the opposite sex. And unfortunately it makes people only like them less. It’s honestly a very sad fate and it absolutely kills authenticity, uniqueness and in a lot of ways the persons potential. I was a nice guy so I know just how painful that is. I know I am going on a tangent but I really feel for my ex nice guy brethren which is why I wanna recommend a book called No More Mr Nice Guy. This book has honestly changed my life and turned me from a NPC to a Hero… or villain in some people’s eyes. Which brings me to my second point.


There Will Always Be Someone Who Hates You.

In video games, no matter how amazing and powerful you become, there will always be something brave (stupid?) enough to attack you. The best example of this comes from mmorpgs (massive multiplayer online role playing games…try saying that 5 times fast). You could be decked out in the best of gear with glowing weapons while wearing needlessly pointy or ridiculously revealing armor (depending on gender) and some idiot will still find enough hate to try and kill you knowing you can literally kill them with a poke. The point is you can never win over everyone. There will always be someone who dislikes what you do. Even Mother Teresa had people hating on her. And if she’s got haters, you definitely will to. There was an interview I was listening to a while back and I forget the name of the person and the show but the person was very influential and very popular. But he himself said, no matter who you are, 10% of the people in this world will hate you. And I find this to be so true. The question is do you personally focus on their hate or ignore them and…

Become A Boss By Grinding

If you have played any sort of multiplayer game these days, you will notice a level of progression. The shiniest weapons, armor, guns whatever is towards the end. Usually requiring tons of hours of slamming your head against the keyboard (or controller). The best stuff in life is also locked away for those who have grinded enough to get there. The six pack abs, 100 million dollar mansions etc whatever you feel is the best reward usually requires work. Which is why addiction these days is so common. It lets people feel the awesomeness of having amazing things without actually putting in any work. These things are like cheat codes for the brain because they let you release the happy chemicals without actually doing anything.


The Choice Is Yours…

When you play a game, you typically ignore or skip over the things you don’t like. Or grit your way through them if they are mandatory. While you happily do the fun things like slaying cows for no reason. The same should go for life. How do you live each day is seriously up to you. You can either be training yourself in art, music, strength whatever. You define yourself by your choices not your words. If the end reward is appealing to you then it not only requires a sense of progression/ planning but also requires your effort. You could be the worlds best juggler, the world’s first human cat the choice is truly yours. Agreed there are certain limitations placed on you by society but within reason you are technically free to achieve whatever you want. And this time, it actually matters because unfortunately there is no reset button to life. So do what you really want. You can read more about this in my article called You are not special. -The truth about life and becoming great. 


Stop Living In Your Head.

Ever notice how easy it is for you to just kill dragons or ask a fellow player to be your girlfriend (not at all creepy, no) while you play a game? There is no anxiety because you generally don’t have much to lose. But if you think about it, in life it’s the same way. I am not saying go full rambo and hunt the mafia. This is for more normal stuff thats surprisingly hard for us these days. Like you generally don’t have much to lose asking that cute girl out on a date. If she says yes, your charm just went up. If she says no, your charm just went up and you gain resilience. The point is take it as a game. Learn from everything and experience everything. Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Even if the worst happens, I can handle it and I will learn something.


The End.

Video games can surprisingly teach us a lot about life from the way they are played alone. The stories are another story. Some of the most amazing things I have learned about friendships and humanity in general came from the stories from some of these games I have played. Whatever your opinion on gamers and video games, learn from these things up there and stop taking life so seriously. No one gets out alive anyway.


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