“Models: Attract Women Through Honesty” Book Review – Mark Manson

A New Way To Look At Things

Mark Manson’s Models is just one of those books that needs to be read by a lot of  guys. Especially two kinds of guys, the guys who are the typical nice guys and the guys who heavily consume PUA (Pick Up Artist) material. Now I have nothing against PUA and understand it has helped a lot of guys improve for the better and come out of their shell and what not. But the problem comes in when you begin to heavily rely on the techniques so much so that you can’t really create a true lasting relationship with anyone. You begin to lose touch with who you really are and see women as challenges to bag and move on. On the other hand, nice guys need this book because they simply are too..nice. They are not honest with what they want nor do they have any sort of boundaries. If you consistently find yourself friend zoned or have the mentality women go for meat head jerks, then you really need this book. In this Models book review, I will share my thoughts on some of the stuff Mark talks about. But honestly I cannot recommend this book enough for someone who is having a hard time creating a lasting relationship or hell even wants to learn a thing or two about seduction.

Showing Interest..Do I Be Aloof Or Be Needy?

Trick question. The answer is neither. You see the problem with a lot of guys is that they either show too much interest too quickly or not enough for a girl to form an opinion about them. They see a girl with whom they share a lot in common with, like a strange obsession with..whale shaped animal crackers (I don’t know) and they will start planning their wedding day or just say “Das Cool”. The key is to be in between. Show interest and approach in such a way that the you get rejected outright because you were honest and vulnerable. Now being vulnerable has gotten a lot of bad rep and I can understand why guys get the wrong idea. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you cry about the time your friend’s mom left you at the park and how your whole life is in ruins because of it. Being vulnerable means putting yourself in a place where you can get rejected. Cracking a joke is being vulnerable cause theres a chance no one will laugh. Telling a girl “I like you” without any bullshit games like I wanna be friends then eventually tell you how I feel is being vulnerable. It can be scary because it..makes you vulnerable. Being aloof or being manipulative is a shield in a way. Because in either tactic, you protect yourself from being rejected outright.

Why Rejection Is Good

I wrote a post earlier on why rejection is normal. Rejection is actually a very handy tool that keeps you from a lot of headache in the future but only if you are honest. Let’s go back to our example of you being obsessed with whale shape animal crackers. Now say you meet a girl who loves lion shaped animal crackers and hates whale shaped ones (what is wrong with you people). Most guys would not be honest about their preferences in order to avoid rejection. And maybe they got the girl to go out with them and are now living a lie, miserably munching away at lion shaped crackers wondering where they went wrong. But see the thing is, had you just been honest and taken the rejection, you would probably have met someone who was just like you. Being honest and getting rejected is basically a way for you to be away from people who are not right for you, while attracting people who truly love you for who you are. There really is no downside, it is all in the mind and how you look at it.

What Can Magnets Teach Us About Attraction?

If you ever played with magnets, you would have noticed that there were two sides who really liked each other and two sides who were absolutely repulsed by each other. Well, thats how you should be. The word is polarized. You should be so polarized that you are like a magnet. You see, the main thing to understand is that you cannot be a heart throb to some without being a major turn off to others. Being passive and polite will make sure you don’t repel women but it also means that you wont attract any either. You must learn to become comfortable enough in your own skin to open up enough so that people get a fair idea of who you really are. This takes a lot of confidence and work with yourself but the results are…magnetic (pun totally intended).

Just Be You. Really.

There are so many more points in this book that I could go on about and make this Models book review 30000 words long. But I feel like these are the three take aways that I loved the most and had the most impact on me. In the end, this book teaches you how to be yourself around women. It’s surprisingly a lot harder than it sounds and quite a common problem otherwise this book would not be a best seller. So this was my models book review. I highly recommend you check this book out. It is definitely not one of those books you read just once and forget about.

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