You Are Not Special – The Truth About Life And Becoming Great

Yes, I Am Fun At Parties.

There is a very interesting paradox I have noticed. We tell everyone they are truly special and everyone is just greatness waiting to happen. Well if everyone is so special and great then why is the world the way it is? Why is it said that “the graveyard is the richest place in the world? Because all the hopes and dreams die there”? (Quote by Les Brown) The truth is: you are not great. Sorry to break it to you but more than likely you are just average. You have hopes and dreams of becoming special, but more than likely they will be just dreams. Why? Because you don’t want it. Now before you give me all that crap about your step by step plan to earn exactly 64.5 million dollars in 39.23 years or give reasons like your dog would be all alone if you went to become a scuba diver, let me try to explain myself.

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I learned this idea at a finance class of all places. Though as I was learning this, it was referred to your spending habits, I learned that this applies to life in general. You see, back in the day before TV and the internet, life used to be simple. We would be rather similar to our neighbors in desires and wants. If Barbara and Linda got a new bonnet hat, gosh darn it you had to have one to. But that was it. You didn’t try to get a new car because Samantha in that super-rich part of town got one. Because she wasn’t in your sphere of influence. But then the TV and the internet changed everything. Now suddenly you could see that Joel in Germany bought a brand new 2017 Mercedes because he posted it on his Instagram. You are suddenly unhappy with that 2008 Toyota Avalon. Why does Joel get to enjoy seat warmers and a reverse camera (Mercedes should seriously pay me for this promotion) while you have to look back while you reverse?! How primitive. You decide that you will work your butt off for it. You will give up whatever it takes. Time with family? Take it. Less energy to complete that novel you have been working on for months? Okay. More time at that job you’ve been dreaming to quit for years and start your bakery? Fine. It becomes your dream to be behind the wheel of that car. Now, give yourself some time, and see all your dreams through this lens. How many of your goals do YOU actually even want?

Truth or dare? (I’ll just dare you to say the truth so don’t even)

So let’s say you’ve found that one dream you truly want. Let’s go with building the best lego castle in the world (watch where you step barefoot). Now, be honest, have you tried hard to get your Lego castle? I know most of you will probably answer yes. Okay. I believe you. Have you tried your HARDEST at getting this castle going, though? As hard as you tried to win over that girl who friend zoned you? (More on this topic in a later post) As hard as trying to please your parents by going to college for a degree you don’t even like? As hard as getting good at video games so you can impress your friends? You can fill in things in accordance with your life situations. Notice how when it comes to those things your willpower is extreme. You can go through the most extreme of obstacles by trying again and again despite failing hundreds of times. (I’m looking at you Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts). So then why haven’t you taken your throne of legos yet? It is because of..

The P Word

Priorities. Before you think of anything else you dirty minded people. Your priorities are whack. You are putting in so much effort on getting stuff you don’t even want that you have no energy to get what you actually want. It takes over 10,000 hours to be a master at something. Yea you read that right. 10,000. At 2,000 you are only decent. So how are you going to give in your time when you are chasing that Purple Lambo because Rick Ross(..wuh) has one? And this isn’t me saying that. Its Brandon Carter one of the top male fitness models who said this.

Putting it all legos

Greatness isn’t a destination. Being special isn’t a given right. You must earn them both. It is the reward of doing something you are passionate about and putting in your 10k. So figure out what you actually want and focus on that over EVERYTHING. Put in so much effort as you would trying to get a date or whatever is relevant to your life. Accomplishment trumps every feeling in the world, including love because it stays with you till the day you die.

Recipe to Greatness:

1. Filter out desires influenced by society and find the real gems no matter how crazy they might be
2. Make sacrifices and make achieving this your #1 priority
3. Embrace the pain and give it your all
4. Open the oven and remove our fresh warm feeling of accomplishment

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