Vidizi Review- Is Vidizi By Jimmy Kim a scam?

Who Is This Jimi Guy Anyway?

In the age where it seems every second day a new person is coming up with a new product, having a new product by Jimmy Kim is a breath of fresh air. Jimmy Kim is a renowned Internet Marketer. His success ranges from his internet company Snaptactix, which is located in San Diego, California, to his previous EXTEREMLY successful product, Viddyoze and more. So I did not hesitate to try his new product. Vidizi.




What Is Vidizi? And Why Am I Making A Vidizi review?


In his own words, Jimmy, describes his product as ” Vidizi is a push button video software that lets anyone regardless of tech skills or experience creates highly engaging and high converting videos for their social media and advertising in a matter of minutes.”

A very interesting product but what makes these videos even more powerful is that they optimize Facebook’s 15 Second video length recommendation. Videos are definitely a key for anyone using Facebook ads. I am a heavy Facebook marketer and I can easily say that by changing my product ads from images to video, my conversion rate has spiked. Not only that but it is much easier for my products to be shared and possibly even go viral now. And to reward this increase in engagement, Facebook reduces my ad cost. This is a very powerful win win especially for those in the e-commerce industry. This is why I decided to make a Vidizi review. Using Vidizi (I got early access the actual product launches July 5th 2017) I was able to make professional converting videos that also came with 100% royalty free audio. Check it out for yourself how awesome it is here. 


   I Am Not Into E-Commerce Can I Use This?

Absolutely. In this part of the Vidizi Review I am going to talk about how other people who don’t have ecom sites can benefit from this. If you are into freelancing, you can use Vidizi to create top of the line videos for your clients. And if you do a good job? They are likely to keep buying from you creating recurring revenue and paying off this product. If you are a small business you can use these videos on social media and stand out from your competitors by creating professional looking videos offering your services. If you are a blogger or youtuber you can also use this platform to create some amazing content that is sure to be shared thus increasing your following.


So Is Vidizi A Scam?

No! It is completely legit. Jimmy has put in a lot of work and it really shows with this product.This is honestly a great price for the quality and content that you are getting. The potential for ROI is just insane with this. There are multiple ways you can profit from this. Give it a try you won’t regret it. This concludes the Vidizi review. I hope that I have convinced you that Vidizi is most definitely not a scam and is worth looking into if you are trying to build your audience using advertising or videos of any sort.

Get It HERE (Links To Official Site)