Paleohacks review-Is Paleohacks a scam?

Delicious Food That Helps You Lose Weight?!

What if I shared with you my personal experience of how I lost over 20 pounds in 6 weeks while cooking delicious food? In this Paleohacks review I will share just how my life changed. The Paleohacks are an incredible resource for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way but also not sacrifice in taste. The problem with most diets is that they are EXTREMELY bland to the point that even if you do stick through with the diet and reach your desired weight, it’s very hard to maintain that weight. You just get sick of it and I can’t blame you. This is why Paleohacks is not really a diet. It is a lifestyle. I can see myself easily following these recipes for the rest of my life because not only are they tasty but they is an extreme amount of variety. Gone are the days of eating grilled chicken with broccoli for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So What Exactly Is Paleo?

Paleo diet is a very simple back to nature kind of diet. Meaning that we focus on getting the maximum amount of healthy natural food while detoxing your body of unnatural things such as refined sugar. As you can imagine this has a very profound cleansing effect on your body. And honestly it’s also a very broad diet. To put it in perspective here are all the things you can and can’t eat.

Paleohacks review

As you can see a lot of it is what the doctors have already been telling you not to eat. The only major surprises are the dairy and the cereal grains. If you are heavily reliant on dairy like I was (especially for coffee), do not worry it’s actually not so hard to give up. And I will be honest, I drank a bit of dairy with my coffees and milkshakes from time to time and I still lost a lot of weight. So it is okay in moderation. But just know that the more you follow this the faster you will lose weight.

Weight Loss, Muscles and More!

In this portion of the Paleohacks Cookbook review, I will discuss how many of the benefits I noticed within 6 weeks of following this diet. Here are the benefits claimed:

Paleohacks Review

Here are the benefits I felt in 6 weeks:

Stronger Leaner Mass: Most definitely. I was much more defined but do note I also included a very good gym routine.

Energy and Stamina: My energy has increased. I am no longer tired and drowsy as I used to be around 6 pm, I can also do more cardio which I suppose is also due to the weight loss.

Smoother Skin: I used to have a problem with acne and ever since I started this diet the acne has significantly reduced. I think this is because I cut out the dairy.

Weight Loss: Yes, I lost 23ish pounds in 6 weeks. Could have lost more but I sprained my ankle really bad and could not go to the gym for like a week.

Performance And Recovery: My gym performance definitely got better, I cannot say much for the recovery.

Stronger Immune System: I do not usually get sick so I cant really say.

Libido: Let’s just say there are no complaints.

Mental Clarity: Most definitely! I can not only work longer but I can actually focus a lot better on work.

Hunger Cravings: Since this diet actually has good food the only cravings I got were for dairy which I did have from time to time

Hair: I have always had good hair. I’m not old enough to face balding just yet so I can’t tell.

Clear Eyes: My eyes used to get really dry but after starting this I have noticed this a lot less. I don’t know if its because of the diet or my increase in water intake. But yes definitely noticeable.


Are The Recipes Hard To Follow?

Not at all. They are quite easy and do not take much time. I have to say that I am a full time college student, run my own online business, and have a part time job. I could easily do the recipes with all that on my plate (no pun intended). The food also looks amazing. Here are some of the foods you can eat on this diet.

Bonuses and more bonuses.


For a limited time, you can adopt this healthy lifestyle that gives you a healthier, slimmer, more good looking body for just $12.95 And if thats not a bargain enough, Paleo hacks is adding $100+ worth in bonuses. So for the price of a Large pizza, you get all of these.




Here is to good health and a new you! This is your year! I have full confidence that this is the breakthrough you have been waiting for.