Best Shopify Theme Of 2018 – This One Gives INSANE Conversions

Ecom Turbo – By Far The Best Theme Of 2018


Ecom Turbo launched in early 2017 and has made quite a splash. From people saying it gave them conversion rates of over 10% to people thanking Franklin Hatchett (the creator) for changing their life. The theme has very few haters and theres no surprise there. The gorgeous theme comes with a ton of features and a lot of them save you money in the long run. This is because a few paid app features are bundled into one easy to set up theme that is sure to take your business to the next level. So lets take a look at just some of the features shall we?

Fully Customizable Homepage

A few themes offer the vast variety of customizing options like Ecom Turbo does. This customization allows you to create something extremely unique with your personal touch. If you are building a brand, standing out from your ever growing number of competitors is vital. But even if you are not a web design expert, the basic theme layout along with the tutorial and 24/7 support make it very easy to get a stunning homepage.

Testimonials Section

A customer needs to be able to trust the site they are buying from. And there is no better way to get this trust than with social proof. This is a very powerful tool that will definitely boost your sales and as far as we have seen, is only apparent in this theme. This feature is one of the reasons why it is the best Shopify theme of 2018.

The Cart Button


This is one of the money saving features of Ecom turbo.

The timer you see in the picture is usually a paid app that you would have to pay MONTHLY for. Cutting into your profit margins and only making it harder to stay profitable. This theme takes away all that hassle.


Instagram Friendly

Ecom Turbo thrives where other themes fail; on mobile. Instagram is a vastly untapped source and most themes just don’t cut it. The layout of this theme makes it very inviting for mobile users to shop at your site.

Trust Badge Friendly

Not only does this theme have a trust badge section, Frank has also generously provided a massive pack of professional icons that make set up easier than it already is. Not to mention give your customers some more trust in your store which in turn will boost your conversion rates.


Fast Loading Times

in order to be considered for the bestShopify theme of 2018, loading speed is a critical component to consider. No customer will want to wait around while your site loads. Load times can actually be the difference between a sale and a back button. Ecom Turbo is LIGHTNING FAST!

Sales Ticker

Another typically paid app made free. Scarcity is the biggest factor in a customer buying from you now versus waiting until later and forgetting about it completely. This is a major boon to have on your site that will definitely boost sales.


And the list goes on..

There are so many reasons that Ecom Turbo is the best theme on Shopify for 2018. So lets consider the price. The basic price is $97 which is pretty much the same price for all paid themes. But the money saving aspects combined with the beautiful layout make $97 a steal. And the best part is, even if you do change your mind, there is a refund policy in place which basically makes this a risk free investment for your business. Shopify is growing competitive by the day, that is why it is vital to stay ahead of your competition in every way possible. The path to success is open for your business, the choice is yours whether or not you follow it.

This is the link to the theme! 

Here is to your success on Shopify!