What The World Owes You – Things You Can Expect From Life

According To My Calculations…

The results are in! I have done some extensive calculations using large formulas with even larger words as their names. At one point I even had to borrow the Large Hadron Collider to confirm this. And from all that effort, I give you this simple truth: The world owes you nothing. I am going to tell you why hope and its more sinister cousin; expectation is the figurative arrow to your knee. It’s time to pop some bubbles…as gently as possible.

According to the Declaration of Independence, you are guaranteed “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These are your unalienable rights that you were given just for being born..a prize for being a parasite for nine months. Not to hate on Uncle Sam here but no one owes you anything. Life is unfair, people are selfish, and cats are planning world domination. But you knew that (probably not the cat world domination part) and yet here you are still are waiting that the happy ending Disney promised us would come.

Abandon All Expectations Ye Who Live.

We create these hopes and expectations in our heads of how other people treat us, what our lives should be like, how other drivers should learn to drive like you … but it’s all in your head. It’s not real. These thoughts are only lifting you up, so you fall harder.

Think about it: when we have expectations from things, and things don’t go the way we expect (which as I don’t need to remind you happens quite a bit), we get pretty ticked off. It’s our expectations that cause us to judge things as good or bad.

What if you went on vacation to the planet 1E orbiting the star Trappist 1 and it wasn’t what you thought it’d be? You were hoping for cool things like Pokemon and water but there’s nothing there. You’d be terribly disappointed, even though it’s not the fault of that place — that’s just how the place is. It’s your expectations that are at fault. Similar to that out-of-this-world (hah) example I gave, when people disappoint you, it’s not their fault. They’re just who they are. Your expectations are to blame.

It’s Not Good..It’s Not Bad..Nor Is It Ugly

Hamlet said, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

Things just happen. It’s our brain that perceives things to be good or bad. A diamond is only considered precious cause we make it so. Children are bad if they don’t eat their veggies. Life only sucks if you judge it as bad.

But what about tragedies, like a disease or the Holocaust? Am I telling you those are not bad? Sure they are, but they are bad through the lens of the judgment we’ve been raised to make. In fact, they are terrible on most scales. However, the point is, when you remove the judgment… they kind of just..happened. Death and cruelty will probably always make us sad, but they’ve always happened and always will, whether we like them or hate them.

Expect Nothing More Than Nothing

Here’s a small tip: Stop judging, and stop expecting.

When something happens — think of it like, “That wasn’t good or bad, it just happened, it just is.” It’s hard to do at first but if you can manage to master this.Your life will change.

Why? Because with this mindset, you will no longer be swayed up and down depending on what happened to you. Whether people (and their actions) are good or bad. You will learn to let go. To observe calmly. You will learn to accept things as they are, and move within that landscape mindfully.

The Bottom Line Is..

Learn to no longer expect good things to happen and bad things to not happen. Whatever may come, learn to take it as is and accept it. With this state of mind you’ll no longer be disappointed, or unhappy.