Why you should(n’t) listen to me – An Introduction

Oh dear..

Well great, another no-good brat has decided that he is an all knowing monk who will guide the way for his fellow millennials to a zen like bliss..or 100,000 Instagram followers (its the same thing right? ). But wait! Before you hit that back button to return to the safety of whatever “normal” and “grown up” thing you were reading, hear me out!

What’s in it for you?

Yes, it is true that I am 21 years old. So what could I possibly have to offer? So glad you asked! What I am offering here is my very own record of what I am learning and have learned from countless books, videos, and eavesdropped conversations for you to use. The topics include psychology, philosophy, sociology and more phys and ologies! Anything that I have learned and feel like it is powerful enough to help someone in life including myself, I will share it here. This blog is also a resource for me just as much it is for you. If anything this is like my very own diary without all the juicy gossip and printed pictures of my crush with hearts on them. However, the articles I am writing are encouraged to be taken with a grain of salt. You see, my goal is that with a healthy dose of skepticism and a critical mind you will either see that what I have concurred is either right or wrong for you. There is no one size fits all in life, unfortunately. Therefore, you will know, at the least what you shouldn’t do and then, hopefully, get an inkling of what you should do instead.

Who am I?

So why am I writing a blog on life lessons and psychology instead of playing beer pong with my bros? Well, bro, the reasons for me reading so many books and watching so many youtube videos is because it fascinates me more than beers and parties. Since the age of 18, I have read more books on these topics than is probably healthy. From New age to older philosophy dating back to when humans rode dinosaurs to school, I have made an effort to understand what life is about and where I stand. Though, it’s only recently I have begun to implement what I have learned. Writing these articles is another way for me to grow as a person and help you grow with me. I will also be including a relevant drawing to that post as a means of symbolism and honestly, just to get more practice.

In the end..

In conclusion, I hope that I have convinced you to stick around for future articles and would appreciate your golden nuggets of wisdom shared in the comments. Be entertained and learn in the process.. and find happiness and stuff. Good day!

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